Whether you live in an apartment, a residential home or a condominium, the possibility of water damage is very real. Even offices and commercial buildings are subject to water damage, especially damage due to faulty pipes, leakages or flooding. Water damage is indeed a very serious issue, especially if the water is contaminated with sewage or chemicals. What should you do if you are faced with water damage to your home or office? First, assess ..


Water damage is a major cause for concern in any household or building. Water damage does not occur only as a result of floods or heavy rain, but also due to seemingly innocuous problems such as a simple leak in a pipe. Water damaged walls are very common whenever there is a leak in a pipe that runs through a wall. Water may be the elixir of life, but it has proven to be severely damaging to our goods and property.


Smoke is simply fuel that did not burn, made visible by the presence of small particles of carbon and other material. Complete combustion gives off light, heat, the gas carbon dioxide, and water vapor. Smoke contains these gases, although it did not ignite. The difference between smoke damage and fire damage is that fires will leave items charred, covered in ash, melted, or otherwise distorted or completely destroyed. .


Science is amazing, isn’t it? For instance, science can help you to achieve a seemingly impossible task. Things that were considered science fiction in the past are a reality today. Still, in some ways, science is no match for nature. It takes years to build a home, and the forces of nature can demolish it within seconds. Such situations are regularly witnessed in areas that are afflicted with storms, tornadoes and floods.