Carpet Cleaning

Carpets are perhaps the most aesthetically important objects that you can add to your apartment. Carpets come in many varieties and a wide range of prices, from cheap to very expensive. Unfortunately, there are also many ways in which carpets can get stained. Usually, you treat these stains as soon as they turn up, or you leave it in the hands of professional cleaners. But doing it on your own has its merits, as it tends to be much more affordable.

Carpet cleaning becomes essential when mud, chemicals or art supplies stain the carpet, or when the apartment has been flooded and the carpet suffers water damage. It is also necessary when the carpet has been damaged as a result of exposure to smoke. Each type of stain ought to be treated differently. If you choose an incorrect method of stain removal, the situation will only worsen.

Cleaning Carpet with water:

When you use this extremely commonplace technique, make sure that the water is hot, as hot water dissolves mud and grime much faster and more effectively. Hot water extraction and steam cleaning, which is a far superior cleaning method than simply using hot water, is generally done between 150 to 200 degrees.

There are three factors that are inter-related as far as carpet cleaning is concerned: The heat, dwell time, and agitation. If you can’t maximize one factor – say, if you can’t get your steaming solution to become hot enough – you can maximize the other two factors, e.g. soaking the carpet for a longer period of time and scrubbing harder.

Some Secrets of Carpet Cleaning

If you use a cleaning liquid, make sure there aren’t any sediments left after washing the carpet. Such leftover residue will become sticky and may even resemble a new stain, so rinse your carpet properly with hot water after using a cleaning detergent.

You can also use a shop-vac to clean the carpet. Although it isn’t much help in removing the stain by itself, you can use it after you soak the carpet in a particular spot. The repeated sucking action of the vacuum offers an easier alternative to vigorous scrubbing.

It is advisable to place rugs outside of exterior doors so that they can take up most of the dirt that people would otherwise bring in on their shoes; over time, it can become very hard to clean a damaged carpet. Dirt is extremely abrasive. Each dirt particle is like a small razor that will stick to the carpet and damage it. You should always vacuum your carpet before rinsing it. Only a deep cleaning done with steam can get rid of the dirt ingrained inside the carpet. This process should be done at least once a year in order to get rid of microbes like bacteria and fungi that can’t be eliminated with regular vacuuming.

After a flood, it is very necessary to dry your carpets completely. Mold will start to grow on carpet a mere 24-48 hours of being submerged. Therefore, it is essential to take these carpets outside for drying and to use as many dehumidifiers and driers as possible inside the house to prevent damage due to moisture.

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